Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lightspeed Album Review - Destine

1. In Your Arms
2. Everything In Me
3. Burn
4. Stars
5. Where Are You Now
6. Spiders
7. Forget About Me
8. Wake Me
9. Sinking Sand
10. Am I So Blind
11. California Summer
12. In The End

On a cool autumn morning, I woke up to an email. Some guy wanted me to check out this Dutch band. I open up the myspace page, and the guy has cool hair. So I listen. And I get hooked. I guess it was (bad pun alert) "Destine" that I received that email. Destine's original EP ended up in the top 3 of my 2009 EPs. Lightspeed may not end up that high, but this extremely catchy Pop/rock band will definitely stay in my playlists all year.

"In Your Arms" will immediately get you listening with powerful guitar and a noticeable accent. I'll be honest; accents are usually a musical turn off to me. However, Destine pulls off the vocals very well. Do not expect too much difference from the first track. Destine stays pretty much to the same themes throughout. Expect lots of great riffs and extreme catchiness that won't get out of your mind. "Burn" is perhaps one of the strongest displays of the band's talents. "Stars" is a bit more mellow, but the chorus reminds the listener of what Destine is here for. "Where Are You Now" shows some diversity with a quick acoustic opening and small clinks on the piano before bursting out again with the electric. One of the band's newest songs, "Spiders", shows the band's lyrical maturation. "Am I So Blind" is another strong point. The song "California Summer" confuses me, because I doubt the band has ever been to California. Correct me if I'm wrong guys. The band finally changes things up with "In The End"; a slow piano ballad. The band finally shows their true potential with this song. Insert a few more of these within the album, and it would get much more universal praise.

On that note, I have a feeling that Destine is on the verge of busting out big into the US. Destine has a perfect recipe of hit pop/rock music. They're already selling out shows across the ocean, and one day they may be able to do that here. And they may want to thank the guy who emailed their name. Check out Destine on myspace HERE.

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