Sunday, January 10, 2010

Something You Know Nothing About Review - The Years Gone By


1. The Last Perfect Thing About This Year
2. For The Hopeless
3. The Safest Place
4. Make You Stay Tonight
5. Dirty Converse Shoes

It seems that pop-punk has been very controversial lately. Every other band seems to be classified as pop-punk. People are getting into arguments over whether Blink 182's self titled album or PlayRadioPlay's Texas is pop-punk. However, this album brings some sanity into true, good pop-punk. The Years Gone By have created an EP that surged into my favorite releases of 2009.

The album begins with a boom with a track that is probably the best. "The Last Perfect Thing About This Year" is a brilliant track. It may be one of their poppiest, but it doesn't take away from their strong drumming and great lyrics. You can hear the hints of All Time Low in the song, and The Years Gone By pulled it off better than ATL could have. "For The Hopeless" moves back to their roots with a solid pop-punk song. The drumming again is a highlight, along with the great vocals. "The Safest Place" begins much calmer than the other tracks, but soon explodes with intense drumming and guitar. The last two songs stay with the same format; catchy hooks and great drumming. Not bad for a five song EP.

The Years Gone By definitely shows a ton of talent, especially with the drums. The similarity of the songs doesn't concern me too much as of now, since I believe for an EP the quality of the songs is what matters. If put together well, their upcoming LP will push them to the top of the Pop-Punk genre. If you feel like arguing with me about that, make your point or shut up. Oops, I'm not supposed to say that. Check out The Years Gone By on myspace HERE.


  1. how was dirty converse shoes? i like the title of that one

  2. Good. Still nothing close to TLPTATY.

  3. this is great!
    casey, i was just wondering if you could put something up about haiti.
    since your blog seems to be pretty popular, it would be great if you could post up something in support of text "haiti" to 90999. that would be amazing.

  4. I'm going to be honest. I just don't think it would be worth it. I'm sure everyone knows about that by now, and while it is a good cause, I think it's been put out enough.

  5. I don't understand the whole "wear red" thing. While it's good to remember/honour people who have died, it's better to actually support those who lived through the disaster. I feel like the wearing red would just give people some false sense of satisfaction for "caring" when they haven't actually done anything helpful.

    Yeah, sorry, that had nothing to do with music...

    On another note...I'll definitely be checking out the bands in this post!